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In fact, steer clear of the discussion because even with a love partner, the relationship could be damaged in the heat of anger. Display a pair of Mandarin Ducks to enhance your love luck. Health issues dominate the month for Sheep due to the presence of the 2 Illness Star. If you notice a symptom appearing, consider visiting a doctor early on so you can prevent anything serious. At work, pick and choose your workload rather than trying to take on too much because this causes stress.

Ask for help when necessary, to help meet deadlines. This is also a way to allow a co-worker to show you their loyalty and prove their worth. Be careful of excessive spending now because wealth is only minor at the moment. This includes avoiding making new investments that could go wrong.

Goat Horoscope & Feng Shui Predictions

The married or committed Horse needs to be careful of flirtations or temptation. Instead, pay attention to your current relationship and help it flourish.

Monthly Horoscope for Sheep Sign (November 2016)

The 1 Victory Star ushers in good fortune for the Sheep and your heightened energy and enthusiasm levels help you achieve what you have wished for. If you show confidence, you can make the most of the victory luck that surrounds you. Others see you in a leadership capacity and willingly support you and your ideas, so quit doubting yourself. More Feng Shui products to awaken the 1 Victory Flying Star Students have success with studies and exams and may be offered a scholarship or other award.

Sheep have love luck now and could find many admirers vying for attention. An existing relationship could deepen now leading to a form of commitment, perhaps an engagement or marriage. Mandarin Ducks are excellent Love luck enhancers. The Sheep must be wary this month against the presence of the 5 Yellow Misfortune , which is intensified by the additional presence of the 9 Magnifying Star. Feng shui advice of wearing gold helps fend off bad chi now and also prevents ill effects from jealousy and gossip that could be around you.

Walk away from office politics or heated discussions. More Feng Shui products to subdue 5 Misfortune Flying Star Trouble could affect love and social matters now and trust — or lack of it — is at the heart of it. You may feel overwhelmed by family responsibilities this month but remain calm and you can help others while not harming yourself and your emotional wellbeing.

See our Relationship luck charms. Read our annual Feng Shui Horoscope Forecast here. Sheep Horoscope Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Bejewelled Flying Windhorse for Success Luck. Education Scholastic Amulet Keychain. They should be careful to avoid dubious relations with others, in case of awkward complications. Goats will enjoy plain sailing this month. They should never be too anxious and should make a priority of maintaining harmony.

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They should deal step by step with any issues, and keep away from scoundrels. They will have financial luck and will stay in good health. Goats will experience hardship this month in their careers, finances and health. It will be an inauspicious time for them. During this period, they should not be meddlesome. There will be no progress in the area of romance.

They should watch out when traveling. On the health front, Goats should ensure enough rest. Goats' careers will struggle to take off in May, and their financial luck will also be seriously constrained. They should exercise moderation in romance, and not be fickle. They will stay healthy this month. Goats will continue to go through hardships this month. Workplace newbies will experience a turning point and have some promotion opportunities. Goats should beware of being robbed. There will be no further progress in relationships.

Goats will experience hardship this month in their careers and health. Outdoor activities will be disagreeable to Goats, for they will be prone to accidents outside. Goats will face a sharp decline in luck this month. They will have difficulties seeking positions, and in relationships. Goats will be deeply unsettled in their careers. But little upturns will filter into their finances.

This will help strengthen your bond and give you a chance to catch and deal with issues early before they get out of hand. The full moon in mid-April begins a great period for those who are looking for love.

Luck Prediction by Month 12222

Try showing up unexpectedly at some new places. If you've told your friends you can't make a party, show up anyway. Wear more of the color red this month and get noticed. You could attract a love possibility to you, one that turns into a long-term relationship.

The full Moon in July that marks the lunar eclipse is a time for Sheep natives to reveal emotions and deep desires. There is a lot of positive intimate energy for you and your partner now. You can have fun after dark with your sweetheart - and breakfast in bed the next morning followed by a wonderful conversation.

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This is a time when you and your partner can grow closer together. Sheep natives feel more at home as the year progresses. You sense more security in your love relationship. In addition, you experience more support for the partnership from family and extended family. There is acceptance and even harmony as the year concludes. This can help make the holidays truly joyful. Year of For Sheep natives, your health and well-being improve.

This is a positive year for you physically. You're able to find the medical help you need. You are likely to have assistance at home whenever you ask. This is a good year for you to take up meditation or another activity that promotes inner peace. Your quality of sleep improves, perhaps because you purchase a new bed or better pillow. The full moon in the middle of February and the two weeks following bring improvement in a health situation concerning you or someone you care about.

You can find and begin a proper course of action at this time.