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But as every difficult thing, at the end of the run, you will be immensely paid back. Their friends have faith in their judgement and frequently seek their advice.

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They just have to pay attention to skin and joint, their weaker points in their old age. They do take some time out to recharge their batteries, but the ongoing tasks will always be on the back of their minds. Capricorn people as said before, know how to use their time and money well.

A combination of their analytical mind and management skills make them suited for careers in finance, management, banking, law and administration. Virgo — this couple has great projects in their mind.

They will surely have a wonderful shared path, provided that they can overcome their shyness when they know each other. Capricorns partners are often more responsible, while Virgo partners are able to give great stability to the couple.

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Just be sure to add a bit of spicy sometimes to avoid boredom. This is a cardinal sign, meaning it marks the beginning of the season and the change it brings with it. The constellation Capricornus marked the winter solstice in the Early Bronze Age, for the Sun was in it when winter began until BC.

The tail itself symbolically represents the past, our debts and what we are dragging from our past. Capricornus was listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolomy, but prior to this listing, it was one of the constellations oldest known to men, despite its faintness. It was represented as a hybrid of a goat and a fish since the Middle Bronze Age, with the first attested depictions dated around the 21st century BC.

It is interesting that the planet Neptune was discovered in the constellation Caprcornus, near Deneb Algedi, the brightest star in the tail of the goat, on September 23, The link between Capricorn and Pisces seems to be incredibly strong, especially when you consider the symbolism of the creatures and all the stories regarding Capricorn and Capricornus.

The myth of Capricorn is connected to Pan, the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds and rustic music. He had goat legs and the musical instrument he played, the panpipes, telling a special love story of a woman who feared her courtier, running away from his compliments. One of the stories of Pan speaks of a gathering of gods that was interrupted by Typhon, the monstrous giant.

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Out of fear, all of the gods changed shape, while Pan jumped into the river Nile, turning his legs into a tail of the fish, and his torso to a goat, to confuse the monster and scare it away with his appearance. The horn was discovered in the sea, and this explains the fishtail that was given to the goat, while the horn must have been a shell that made a sound to force all the Titans to scatter, panicked.

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