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One of these sons, Joseph, is taken to Egypt as a slave, and eventually all the other sons follow. Ex — some say over 2,, NIV, Page After a few centuries of prosperity for the Jews in Egypt, the Pharaoh, seeing how many there were, feared them and made them slaves to keep them weak. They had formerly enjoyed the status of resident aliens.

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The Israelites, severely oppressed by forced labour, finally broke free and fled Egypt, after 4 centuries. Four is the number, in astrology, of childhood, of nurturing, of security, of the end and new beginnings — and of birth.

Their flight from Egypt was kick-started by, and preceded by, the first Passover, a rite of 7 days. It remains the first month of the Jewish calendar today. The Israelite nation then flees to the sea, where God parts it to effect their escape from the Egyptian army. This famous miracle might not have occurred at the Red Sea, as is commonly thought. The Nile Delta would be choked with reeds. This is a metaphor of rebirth. The homeless Israelites then go south. They are overcome by thirst. Note: Eden, Elim. The Israelites then leave Elim and enter Sin, which is an un-sustaining desert.

In Sin, hunger is rampant and the Israelites grumble. Here, too, they begin to sin against God, gathering more manna than they should and violating the Sabbath.

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In the two hostile, non-life-sustaining environments, Marah and the Desert of Sin, no astrological reference or number occurs although in Sin, some Israelis violate the Sabbath — the seventh day of the week. There are surely many more references to 7 and 12 in the rest of the Old Testament, but it becomes merely an exercise to pursue them all. Moses marries one of these daughters heavenly bodies , and becomes the leader of the 12 tribes.

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There is an interesting problem here: if the 12 tribes of Israel were not connected to the zodiac or astrology in any way, and were, at their genesis, not meant to be a representation of the zodiacal signs, but were simply, by happenstance, 12 in number, then all the instances of 12 following in the Bible, all the repeated emphasis on 12, is simply a reverberation or echoing or trumpeting of the tribes, and not of astrology at all. Similarly, as God made the earth in 6 days and rested on the seventh — i. In Revelation, there are not 12 elders, which would correspond to the 12 tribes, but 24, which corresponds to the 12 signs and 12 houses of astrology.

They are not mutually exclusive; in fact, it is more likely that the two concepts or references to 7 are mutually joined. Small clues also support the link between the numbers and astrology. It is doubtful that God made the 12 tribes themselves the source of life and nourishment: if so, they would never have gone hungry or thirsty, they simply would not have needed the 12 springs in Elim, since they could sustain themselves — but of course they could not.

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But Revelation is a book of the future, and the ten is if we believe in the power to foresee the number of sun, moon and known planets at the present day. This is one more support for the possibility that the 19th and 20th centuries were the time of Armageddon, as discussed later. Near the end of the Old Testament, about years before Christ, Israel has declined into its deepest, darkest pit of self-indulgence, political chaos, greed, corruption, sexual immorality and godlessness. This conquering is actually a rescue — Babylon not only takes the Israelites back!

They are given jobs, social position, are allowed to practise Judaism, to worship the very God they abandoned in Israel, and even to have their own prophets. Daniel is eventually made chief over all wise men, magicians, astrologers, etc. Though he is never specifically called one, and the emotive atmosphere of the narrative hints that he was something different, Daniel might have been an astrologer.

God has repeatedly stated, for a thousand years — since Exodus — that all of these practitioners are detestable and must be put to death — all except astrologers, whom he never mentions. Daniel could not have been a magician, enchanter, sorcerer or diviner, because he was loved and protected by God. Perhaps he was none of these, just a dream interpreter. Once the Israelites are psychically and morally healed, capable of fending for themselves, Babylon not only helps them rebuild Jerusalem, which has declined into rubble, but encourages their repatriation there, and protects them from their enemies while they rebuild and re-establish themselves.

The land of astrology not only gave Israel and the Jews their first birth through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, it also rescued them from self-destruction, re-birthed them, rebuilt their temple, and put them back on track to their God. But it was not a bicycle young Israel fell off, it was its very soul. Thus the Old Testament.

After this second re-birthing of Israel the first by God through Moses, the second by Babylon circa B. The New Testament begins with the birth of Christ described in Matthew. In actuality, this is not perfectly true. Matthew seems to indicate Christ might have been as old as 2 years when the magi appeared. These Magi are generally accepted to be astrologers.

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These astrologers — 3 by tradition, though there could have been any number of them, 2 or above — do exactly what astrologers do: they have followed a sign in the heavens, a star of Bethlehem, to find Christ. But locating Christ in Bethlehem is not their greatest act. Though the astrologers go one better, they find the exact street and house by astrology —i. They practice the three major functions of astrology: locational where , timing when — they even tell Herod how old Jesus is before they have seen him [Mt.

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So not only does the historical or Jewish portion of the Old Testament Noah onward begin in the cradle of astrology, and end in the cradle of astrology; not only is Israel birthed in the land of astrology but rescued and re-birthed and its story effectively ended by and in the land of astrology, now years later the New Testament begins with the announcement of the Christ — by two agents, covertly and secretly in a dream by an angel, and openly and publicly by astrologers.

By now, astrologers are portrayed very favourably, unlike the taunting and disdainful Old Testament portraits in Isaiah and Daniel. The New Testament astrologers not only bring Christ gifts, they discreetly save his life by not returning to tell infanticide-bent Herod where he resides. But in both these actions the star-gazers appear subtly aloof. When they are warned in a dream Mt. They simply bow out, and refuse to help murderous King Herod locate the child. So the New Testament, much more clearly than the Old, opens and closes with powerful and favourable portrays of astrology.

For example, those who are to be admitted to heaven are marked on the forehead. My speculation is that the Third Testament will bring such an environment and state of existence, wherein religion is irrelevant. This might be a device to enable them to hide their allegiance from other men.

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Here we have the wicked priests and false prophets, destructive lovers, socially respected pedophiles, etc. For in my charts, in my memory, another period of such war and destruction does not appear, at least as far as I have glanced. As far as I can see, I see many more signs of enduring peace, and growth toward an angelic state — and, of the Third Testament — than of warlike cataclysm. Even now, signs are appearing of the Third Testament: words are being replaced by glyphs and pictures — look at any computer screen — a disbelief in religion is spreading, and man is starting to accomplish what God said must be accomplished before he and we would move past the Israeli-centric belief system or religion.

These are amazing words. Yet all these are to some degree already accomplished. To an astronaut, day and night can alternate in, perhaps, two hours — or day or night can last for days, even weeks. In other words, no future war, not even a nuclear one, will make earth lifeless. Many of the other descriptions of disaster could be seen to have been fulfilled in the World Wars. Kingdoms fell — yes, probably ten or more! Plagues occurred, famine wiped out millions. However, the biblical third was killed, not merely infected. However, millions more were murdered in genocides by cruel dictators and Satanic warmongers — Hitler, Stalin and Mao, to name several.

Any calculation of the deaths of WW I and II, and related incidents, does not give a third of humanity dying, as in Revelation Some of the larger death totals were: WWI, Adding the lower ends of these numbers gives million. Adding the higher end gives million. The world population in was 1.


If natural deaths are included, the total should easily equal one-third, but should such deaths be included? We might be stretching facts to validate a prophecy. One fact does catch the eye and snag the thought: in WWI, the centrist nations mobilized 22,, troops. However, attacking and conquering are two different things. Japan attacked and occupied China, but never really conquered it. Germany had a similar fate in Russia. Germany is credited with between 11 and 21 conquered nations, depending on the telling.

Many nations switched allegiances during the war — e. But under this umbrella term, Canada, India, and other nation states also fought. In , Pluto, the planet of crime, death, destruction and the underworld, enters Pisces, the sign of the angels. Revelation says that a second struggle then occurs. And the aspects in do show some upheaval, Uranus opposite Pluto, which can cause massive deaths, etc.

Also, at the 1, year mark if the World Wars were Armageddon the souls of the dead awaken and are judged.